Friday, October 7, 2011

October is Adopt-A-Shelter-Dog Month!

I cannot imagine life without dogs.  Each one of ours came from a different shelter or rescue group.  They are, as my husband likes to say, "genetic super stars!"  Though they all have wonderful personalities, they are very unique.  Since this month highlights shelter dogs, let's look at a few benefits of adopting.

  1. A match made in heaven - rescue workers work hard to match the right dog with the right owner.  They've gotten to know the dogs well, which means knowing their temperament, kid-tolerance, other pet-tolerance, personality, and more.  In addition, if for some sad reason, the arrangement does not work out, most will take the dog back to re-home.
  2. A special bond - Rescue dogs form a special bond with their owners.  Some of them have never known all the love, affection, and stability of a family, and once they do, they show their appreciation with that special rescue bond. 
  3. A clean bill of health - Rescue dogs are taken to the vet, given a check-up, made up-to-date on vaccines, spayed/neutered, and treated for any medical conditions, all before they are put up for adoption.  This isn't to say all rescue dogs are without health issues...rescue or not, there may be health concerns.  The difference is that with a rescue, you are made aware of any known issues and the treatment involved.
  4. A wonder to behold - It is a beautiful thing to be able to witness and be a part of the positive change and growth a rescue dog can go through as he settles into his new home and becomes more confident, bold, and happy.
There are many more benefits, but why don't you discover them for yourself!  

This week, I'd like to feature one rescue dog in particular named, Scooter.  He is currently being fostered by the rescue group, Georgia Canine Adoption Network.  This group is non-profit, all volunteer, no-kill, and cage-free.  All dogs are fostered by volunteers, and thus have the opportunity to be socialized, sometimes with other pets and/or children, and begin training on house-breaking and other basic commands.  Adoptions are held every month at the PetSmart across from North Point Mall.  You can see the schedule at their website.  In addition, you can follow their events, fundraisers, news, "happy tails," new additions, and more at their Facebook page.  

Now, back to Scooter!  This is his bio, taken from Petfinder:

Scooter is a 4 year old hound/mastiff/boxer mix. He was turned into a local animal shelter in terrible condition- he had heart-worms, very little hair and did not like other animals. Scooter has undergone a major transformation. He is completely heart-worm free, has a beautiful red coat of hair and likes playing with other female dogs. He is housebroken, loves to be with people and loves to go for car rides. The perfect home for Scooter would have a large fenced in yard, no small children but adults that want a large cuddly companion. He is current on all vaccines, neutered and micro-chipped. If you would like more information please contact Cindy at His adoption fee is $200. Please note that adoptions are not done on a first come, first serve basis, and filling out an application does not guarantee the adoption of any dog. We reserve the right to refuse any applicant, at any time, for any reason as we are looking for the best match for each dog. Thank you for your understanding. Our dogs all live in foster homes. Please contact the foster home email listed above for questions and an adoption application."
Share your experience in the comments section below!  In addition, you can send your adoption story, along with a picture of your adopted dog to: for a chance to be featured in our blog!
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