Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Does Your Dog Eat Grass?

Jake loves to take time to smell the roses, eat the grass?

Does your dog eat grass?  It's not necessarily a bad thing.
Dogs will eat whatever satisfies their dietary needs...(and then some).  Before domestication, dogs ate grass, plants, berries, etc.  Sometimes, they eat grass to help with an upset stomach.  The grass or plant acts like a natural antacid.

So, when should you be concerned?

  • If your dog swallows whole chunks of grass and then vomits, this could be an indicator of a sick pup.
  • If your dog has a sudden increase in grass eating, this could indicate an underlying condition that he is trying to remedy on his own.
  • Always be careful your dog is not snacking on grass that has been treated with pesticides or chemicals.
But, in general, if Fido makes a little grass part of his daily diet, there is probably no need for concern.  You may want to try switching his food, since he might be attempting to make up for a missing ingredient.  Check out my post on dog food ratings for more info: 

Happy Healthy Snacking!

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