Sunday, January 9, 2011

Interesting Use For Dog Poop!

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"Poop Keeps the Light On at Boston Park 

                                                                        Courtesy of Matthew Mazzotta

Matthew Mazzotta was walking through a park in Boston when he looked into a garbage can and saw that it was full of discarded poop bags. The 31-year-old conceptual artist had just returned from India, where cow manure is commonly used as fuel. He looked at the dog waste and thought, "That's energy." 

As is, the poop bags weren't a nuisance to the city — conscientious pet owners had disposed of them in the trash instead of leaving the waste on the ground — but they would eventually become pollutants. 

"If you tie off a poop bag and it ends up in a landfill, it will make a bunch of methane that will go back into the atmosphere," Mazzotta tells "And that's not good." 

In countries like India, communities use digesters to make gas out of animal waste. So, Mazzotta thought, why not use a digester to do the same at the dog park? The dog owner's habits wouldn't have to change. They would still pick up poop (using biodegradable bags on site), and they would still throw it away, just into a digester instead of a trash can. 

Mazzotta applied for a grant of $4,000 and rounded up a group of scientists, designers and local residents to help with his Park Spark Project. The digester prototype currently sits inside a dog run in Cambridge, Mass., and the methane energy helps light a lamp — but that's just a placeholder. Mazzotta's ultimate goal is to show what can be done with the energy, and he hopes to provide other communities with kits to make their own dog poop digesters.

"I want to open people's eyes and open up a conversation about waste in the city," Mazzotta says. "We all live inside of it, and a lot of our actions are dictated by the city's infrastructure. We can change that. Let's do what other places do." "


  1. Who would've thought that Fido's waste will light up the place, right? But I think it's a very worthy project and all cities must have this in their parks. I often see a lot of dog poop in many places it just goes to show that not all pet owners are responsible. That being said, both doggy and owners must be trained not to pollute the environment. For more information, see